Tractor batteries, automobile batteries, motorcycle batteries of up of the market price.

Tractor batteries, automobile batteries, motorcycle batteries of up of the market price.

If the equipment is not in a cool start, you need to break away, but to buy a new battery up off the market price. SINERGY batteries (Italy), in addition to its affordability even without good technical characteristics, providing long-term use of the time and have achieved a high starting current at low temperatures.
We offer batteries: tractors, passenger cars, heavy machines, motorcycles.

Discounts: individuals, companies, resellers.

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Shops: Tallinn, Jõhvi

Moto AS - Inter Moto
Tondi 44, Tallinn
Pargi 27E, Jõhvi
Batteries wholesale, tel: 5096236
, Snow blowers, scooters, mopeds, ATVs, piles, spares, motors, mototechnics importer,
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55 €
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Ida-Viru maakond
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Lamigo Eesti OÜ
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