Repair of Ps4, Xbox one, Xbox360, Nintendo switch and other game consoles.

Professional repair and maintenance of game consoles and accessories. I have been working in this field for over 10 years. They mainly repair Ps4, Xbox360, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch. Cleaning and replacing thermal paste. HDd, ssd replacement and software recovery. Purchase for spare parts. I accept repairs through omniva, smartpost, dpd. I can pick it up and bring it to Tallinn for 5 euros. Warranty for work is one month, gaming clubs have a guarantee only for testing. When people ask me how much it costs, I need the right question:

1. Model and version of the console (ps4 pro or Xbox 360 fat.) You can determine the model of your console from the photos in the ad.

2. What are you complaining about (does not turn on, no image, noise).

3. Do I need cleaning and replacement of thermal paste (yes or no).

4. If you need to fix the gempad, which button is not working or not working well (such as R, L, triangle.).

5 I want to increase the memory (ssd or hdd).

6. Freeboot for xbox 360 (with or without games for the whole hdd).

I communicate in Russian or Ukrainian, so the correspondence is only through viber, telegram, whatsapp or here.

10 €
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