Innosilicon A11 Pro ETH (2000Mh) - ASIC Miner

Available For Sale!!!
Jasminer X4 2500MH/s- $5,600
Goldshell KD6- $5,900
Goldshell KD5 – $4,500
Goldshell KD2 – 3,500
Goldshell Kd-Box pro- $3,600
Goldshell KD LITE – $3000
Goldshell CK6 – $2,100
iBeLink K1+ – $4,000
Antminer S19 95Th – 2,800
Antminer S19Pro 110Th – $2,750
Antminer S19jPro 104Th – $2,200
Antminer S19jPro 100Th – $2,000
Antminer L7 9050Mh – $5,800
Innosilicon A11 1500Mh – $3,500
EMI/ Installment Accepted
Promo!!! Promo!!! Promo!!!
Interested Buyers Should Drop WhatsApp number for more details whatsapp to: +63 907 152 7129
DM To:

3000 €
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Geraldine Liguori Ltd
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