Apartment cleaning, standard cleaning

Standard cleaning

dry and wet floor cleaning (the vacuum cleaner is used on all types of floors)
dust removal on all surfaces (up to 180 cm in height)
cleaning of all glass and mirror surfaces (except windows) (up to 180 cm in height)
cleaning doors and radiators
cleaning switches and sockets
cleaning baseboards
dry and wet floor cleaning (the vacuum cleaner is used only on carpets)
dust removal from horizontal surfaces (up to 180 cm in height)
cleaning stand and wall lamps (up to 180 cm in height)
sanitary cleaning
cleaning the kitchen cabinet and large kitchen equipment on the outside (refrigerator and oven door, kitchen stove surfaces)
Activities such as dry cleaning of carpets and furniture, washing dishes, changing bed linen, cleaning fireplace glass, etc. are arranged as agreed with the client.

The cost of additional services, according to the price list, is 17 euros / hour.


67 €
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Smile Cleaning OU
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