Pellet mills, Pelleting line, Dies, Pellet mills` spare parts

• High-quality pellet mills by domestic production, specially designed for the trademark PSP (Republic of Poland) with the varying productive capacity (from 250 kg to 4t/h) for processing waste of wood, animal feed, sunflower husk, bran, straw, droppings etc.;
• Pelleting line with the varying design features and productive capacity;
• Dies of European manufacturer for all types of pellet mills and for all raw materials: wood, animal feed, sunflower husk, bran, straw, droppings etc.;
• Pellet mills` spare parts: roller shells, rollers etc.
All our equipment answers the European quality standards and the safe operation. In the proceedings we use modern technologies and quality materials resulting in more operational life of equipment. LTD «UKRBIO TRANS-SERVIS» guarantees our customers an immaculate quality of our products. Certificates ST-1 and Euro-1 are attached.
For further information please contact: Viber/Telegram/WhatsApp +38 067 734 85 68.

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