Looking for a current seller on Amazon

I am an artist and jigsaw author at etsy.com/shop/CreativeArtLab.
I am looking for a current seller on Amazon.
I studied competitors and sales statistics - my puzzles can be sold at 1000 pieces per month, but this is with investments in advertising. Without investment, you can easily sell several hundred puzzles. We will divide the income equally. With a predicted profitability of $ 4, we get $ 2 for each puzzle sale.
What should be done?
1) Create product listings (I will provide a photo and description).
2) After receiving the orders - complete the purchase of the desired puzzle on the Gutten website, indicating the name and address of the recipient. They will print the puzzle and send it to the recipient.
3) I pay for printing and shipping. I receive payment from the customer.
4) I send money to your specified account (after accumulating a certain amount). Those. you don't have to pay for anything - just place orders and receive money.
- There is a way to automatically send orders through another site, but you need to understand and configure there.
- Or you can simply buy unique modern competitive puzzles for children and adults created in 2020 at a wholesale price and sell on Amazon. Prices are here: printerstudio.com/sell/gifts-decor-design-puzzle
I am waiting for your thoughts, questions, suggestions, consent to start working and making money.
Communication methods:
skype gagarin555gagarin
telegram - Radiy Bohem

1000 €
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скайп gagarin555gagarin телеграмм - Radiy Bohem

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