The mobile concrete plant Sumab K-60

The mobile concrete plant Sumab K-60 is designed to produce high-quality concrete and concrete mixes in the volume of 50-60 m3 per hour.
Plant construction: on a container frame.
4 silos of inert materials 3.8 m3 each, with the possibility of increasing the sides to 5 m3
Pan mixer, volume 1800 \ 1200 liters, covered with 12 mm layer of special steel.

5 quick-release blades with fibroplasty tips. Automatic opening flap for ready-mixed concrete.

The special arrangement of the blades in the pan mixer allows covering all parts of the mixer during kneading, thereby ensuring high quality concrete.

The mobile concrete plant is equipped with a convenient control room and an automatic control system for the plant. A modern computer system allows Siemens to produce more than 100 formulations and grades of concrete. It is possible to print out each mixture of finished batch in kilograms and percentages, which prevents the theft of inert materials or cement during the preparation of the concrete mixture

20000 €

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