Multibrand Launch Creader S7 with special functions and free software updates

Multibrand Launch Creader S7 with special functions and free software updates.


- Official European version developed in Germany, 100% original
- Licensed software with free updates
- Built-in help and suggestion for diagnosis
- The best among analogues of this class
- Reliable quality and accurate data
- Warranty and technical support from official distributor


- Choose five car brands out of more than 40 car brands available
- Full system (ECU) coverage
- Support special functions and adaptations
- Built-in help function
- Free software updates
- Fully Independent; Convenient and compact
- Multi language support, including English, German, Russian and others


- Read trouble codes with definition and detailed information.
- Delete trouble codes.
- View live data stream (in digital and graphical form), storage and re-display.
- Oil (service / maintenance) reset
- DPF regeneration
- Battery reset (programing)
- Brake reset (Brake pads replacement function)
- SAS (steering angle sensor) calibration
- Injector coding
- Other special functions

Special price until 31.08.2020:

-205,79 EUR without VAT
-249,00 EUR including VAT

Standard price: -399,99 EUR

Product information and purchasing online:

For more information, please contact us anytime, we will be glad to assist you.

Official and exclusive Launch distributor in Latvia and Estonia, Diagtools LTD.

205 €
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SIA Diagtools
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