Supercharger US/EU adapter

ADVANTAGES of TeslaAdapter

1. The adapter housing is made of heat-resistant, insulating material, internal connections of solid metal on CNC.
2. The adapter has a built-in thermal fuse that interrupts charging when the temperature reaches 100 degrees, (The test showed a maximum heating of 72 degrees, during a full charge of the car, the maximum charging power was 135 kilowatts)
3. Does not reduce the charging speed, allows you to charge the car at full station power .
4. Lock button - you need to press the button on the adapter to disconnect from the Tesla Supercharger / CHAdeMO charging connector.
5. The shape of the adapter is similar to the shape of the Tesla Supercharger / CHAdeMO connector, as a result, the adapter becomes less noticeable during charging.
6. WARRANTY 10 years.

The adapter is designed to charge Tesla Model S / X / 3 / Y cars (the US spec.)on DC charging stations with a TYPE 2 Tesla Supercharger connector, as well as on CHAdeMO charging stations (using the CHAdeMO TYPE 2 adapter). Countries where you can use our adapter (charging stations with TYPE 2): Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia, South America, Africa.

How to use TeslaAdapter: One side of the adapter is inserted into the charging port of the car, the other is connected to the connector of the Tesla Supercharger charging station / or CHAdeMO TYPE 2 adapter when charging at the CHAdeMO station.

IMPORTANT: *CANNOT* be used at all AC stations. Cannot be used with AC and AC chargers.

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