Tesla's service and programming

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We, EvServiz, provide the following services:

- COMPLEX: Firmware update + password (Diagnostic Mode) + navigation + Supercharger / CHAdeMO + minor bug fixes + 4G LTE + key (Model S)
- Installation of 4G LTE (the price depends on the modem installed in your car)
- Replacing US Streaming audio with EU Spotify
- Password to enter Diagnostic Mode (permanent)
- Update car firmware
- Removing crash from S / X air suspension
- Troubleshooting and repair (cars not on the go)
- Troubleshooting and repair (cars on the go)
- GPS navigation (paves the way, shows traffic jams)
- Firmware for ANY parts (including engine, battery)
- Disable Valet Mode
- Programming Model S key (key not included)
- Repair of a high voltage battery (large battery)
- Turn on Factory Mode
- "Increase battery capacity:
S 40 → 60 / S 60 → 75 / S 70 → 75 | X 60 → 75 / X 70 → 75 "
- Autopilot (it is possible to include on all S / X after 10/2014)
- Ludicrous Mode (can be turned on at all: S / X P85D / P90D)
- Supercharger / CHAdeMO
- Restore displays (if they do not turn on)
- Replacement of contactors (work / spare parts / error removal)
- Removal of air from the cooling system
- Calibration of any one system (door handles / air suspension / rail / radar (DAS), etc.)
- Search for faulty parking sensors
- Change the car on the displays: color / wheels / other.
- Replacement of a sim card for the Internet
- Reset AirBag Module (PSRCM) errors after an accident

We provide services for the service and programming of Tesla electric machines. Departure of a specialist to you is possible, remote service

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