Stationary block machine SUMAB U-1000

With the help of stationary vibratory press Sumab U-1000 it is possible to produce various types of concrete products: paving slabs, blocks (hollow, insulating, slag blocks, finblocks, etc.), curbs, paving stones, chimney elements and others. Products can be produced with an additional layer of paint and a hard surface.

Vibropress can be delivered in semi-automatic or fully automatic operation modes.

Capacity: 17280 blocks per shift (8 hours) (20x20x40 cm, hollow blocks), 1680 m2 per shift (8 hours) (paving without additional surface layer), 1360 m2 per shift (8 hours) (paving with additional surface layer).

The volume of the bunker of the basic concrete: 1,300 l. The volume of the bunker of fine-grained concrete (for color and hard surface): 900 liters.

Weight of the machine: 14500 kg.

Maximum height of the mold: 350 mm. The minimum height of the mold: 50 mm.

The working area of ​​the block-machine is 1100-1400x800-900 mm.

You can order additional options: elevator, concrete unit, add. molds, etc.

20000 €
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