Welders are required

Welders of all categories are required in Germany

Conditions of employment: Permanent, full-time work with a work schedule of 40-44 hours per week.
Education: Secondary
Required work experience: more than 1 year
Permanent residence / citizenship of one of the EC countries is obligatory.

Average salary: $ 20.00 per hour

Specialists are required in the following types of welding: arc welding (SMAW), gas welding (GMAW), gas welding of tungsten (GTAW), powder arc welding (FCAW), oxygen-acetylene welding (OAW), plasma welding (PAW), contact welding and Submerged arc welding (SAW), gas welding with argon and argon.

Payment once a week, every Friday. Travel, food, accommodation at the expense of the company.
Send your CV.
On all questions you can write to us on the mail or call
We are pleased to answer you.

3520 €

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