Accontant Job

The CHUBB Insurance Company exposed it vacancies:

13 Accountants, Administrative, Finance. As Permanent Employees

3 Secretaries, Contract.

2 Bookkeepers, permanent job

10 Data Entry personnel, permanent job

14 Receptionists

2 Advertising Sales Agent, permanent job

7 Information Technologies, Contract.

10 Electrical Engineers, most for Contract and few for a permanent job

6 Automotive Mechanic Jobs

10 Civil Engineer Jobs

10 Data Entry personnel, permanent job

9 Operations Services

And 8 Contract auditors now needed to join the ACE Group Insured. Urgent
This opening is base for those who are willing and able to chase their career in the United State of America.

CHUBB’s is offering a brilliant opportunity, which will require applicants to contact using our Recruitment Agency local Email. Or better call us or Text us your CV or email for a review.

Company is affording your Visa and flight fee.
Your Accommodation is being deducted from annual salary.

Worker must undergo training.
Please do not contact if you are only trying, but contact if you are ready to join our company.

Make sure you join us on Skype to talk with a Consultant

To apply, by forwarding CV for reviews via:

ACE Tel: +1 (571) 510-0038

HR Director’s Whatsapp: :+1 (646) 868-5665

Skype ID:

Send to us a friend request

Good luck

+1 (571) 510-0038

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