Guitar lessons in Tallinn

Teacher in music education and a wealth of teaching experience (over 16 years) gives singing lessons and games on

guitar as the youngest (6 years and older), also adults: women, men, and young people and

everyone, no age limit).

Training is conducted, both already playing (who wish to continue to develop), and beginning with the 0-level.

Guitar Lessons are held all over the city: in the center, and at the Lasnamäe, Mustamäe,

Õismäe and Kakumäe. In addition, there is the possibility of distance learning

by Conferendo, Viber, ooVoo, and others. Check out the house to the student possible for extra charge.

We also provide assistance in choosing when purchasing a new (best value) tool.

Of course, possible small repairs guitars - (replacement strings Kolkova mechanism guitar tuning.

Briefly about the course of the game on the guitar:

Determine for yourself the purpose for which you need to learn to play guitar ?!

1.Good learn as much as possible playing styles in order to have a good theoretical and practical experience?


2. Do you really want to learn all the possible chords for guitar and their sequence,

to later write his simple songs!


3. You would like to learn to play, to perform in clubs or small concerts, to have the opportunity to record or play your own songs ?!


4.Prosto (for the soul) to learn to play and the number of those songs with family

or friends of the campaign, what you like and what you want!

If so, then we can offer you to learn how to:

1. Play the chords in different styles and songs to the accompaniment of popular contemporary and classic works.

2. Individually pick up and disassemble the songs and the repertoire, which like not only you but also

Your family: classic, Soviet Song years, contemporary popular music,

bards (DDGS), and much more?

If you do it all fits mb or have additional questions related to training (particularly as a lesson ...

they pass that must be carried to the beginning of employment, payment, etc.), call tel. 5384 6919

and we will be happy to resolve any issues related to training.

PS. Attention! By phone 5384 6919, we discussed only! time and day of the meeting FOR

Interview and clarify issues related to the training!

I wish you success!

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